Rock and Roll

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Anubis Spire (Progressive) (Greene, NY)

Archie Bunker (Loud -n- Crazy *) (Dallas, TX)

Death & Horror Inc. (Industrial) (Toronto, Canada)

Die (Hard Metal *) (Lemoyne, PA)

Evan Reeves (Chilled-out Jams *) (Boulder, CO)

The Fair Sex (Electro Industrial ) (Essen, Germany)

Free Of Sin (Classic Rock *) (Long Beach, CA)

Girls Under Glass (Electro Industrial) (Hamburg, Germany)

Headstrong (Heavy *) (Ft. Worth, TX)

Las Cruces (Loud Metal *) (San Antonio, TX)

Last Chapter (Metal) (Dallas, TX)

Moon Family (Heavy Duty *) (Salt Lake City, UT)

Oddlager (Punk Rock *) (La Mirada, CA)

ONOFFON (Progressive Jazz Rock) (Studio City, CA)

The Paper Airplanes (Pop Rock) (FlagStaff, AZ)

Plastic Noise Experience (Techno) (Minden, Germany)

Plastic Tongue (Loud, Alternative *) (Dallas, TX)

The Ramblers (Country Rock) (L.A., CA)

Robot (Alternative) (L.A., CA)

Seilwolf (Metal Noise *) (Frankfurt, Germany)

Shoegazer (Fast, Hardcore *) (L.A., CA)

Slow To Rise (Poppish Rock) (Dallas, TX)

Testify (Aggro Metal *) (Essen, Germany)

Thick Skin (Alternative *) (L.A., CA)

T.O.N. Records Sampler (Assorted *) (L.A., CA)

Top Jimmy (Blues Rock) (L.A., CA)

Under The Rose (Pop Rock) (Bristol, CT)

Welter (Acoustic Pop) (Sydney, Australia)

Whirl (Pop) (NYC)

Why? Things Burn (Alternative, Progressive) (L.A., CA)

Yummy (Funk Rock*) (Nyack, NY)

Z-Plan (Melodic Pop/Rock) (Branford, CT)


Some artists choose not to censor their music and we at Hometown Sounds respect this so please browse the following pages knowing that artistic expression using sometimes vulgar language and lewd references are practiced, therefore may be found when entering a particular link. To avoid confusion we have placed an asterisk (*) highlighted in  RED beside the specific genre description when any explicit language is used. Please do not enter these links if you are under 18 or are offended by such practices.