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Full Songs

Turner Says... (3.36 Meg) (lyrics)

Typical Motherfucker (4.02 Meg) (lyrics)


Songs: (30 sec samples of each)                                                      

  1. To Be You (sample)
  2. Turner Says ... (sample)
  3. Fiction  (sample)
  4. Swallow C.S.  (sample)
  5. Typical Motherfucker (sample)
  6. C.D.S.  (sample)



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Full Songs

This City Lies (4.48 Meg)

Line Her (5.80 Meg)

Depressing The Wannabe (4.78 meg)


Songs: (30 sec samples of each)                                                      

  1. Leech (sample)
  2. Fingerprints (sample)
  3. This City Lies (sample)
  4. Only Mine (sample)
  5. Curious (sample)
  6. Critics (sample)
  7. One Young Taken (sample)
  8. Lineher (sample)
  9. End (sample)
  10. The Hook Is Mine (sample)
  11. Depressing The Wannabe (sample)
  12. We Five In Us (sample)
  13. (sample)


"Likemind" CD Info

Recorded at Regal Studios by David Osbourne, and at Nomad Studio by Gary Long & Alex Gerst  ;  Mixed and Mastered at Regal Studios by David Osbourne  ;  Produced by David Osbourne and Plastic Tongue  ;  ŠPlastic Tongue  ;  www.plastictongue.com  ;  Additional vocals on "C.D.S" by John E. Grimes (Dead Industry)

Hometown: Dallas, TX

E-mail Plastic Tongue: plastictongue@hometownsounds.com


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