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Hit Me With A Train

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Full Songs

My Head Spins (2.83 meg)

Look At What I Found (3.67 meg)

Frank Was A Transvestite (3.41 meg)

Songs: (30 sec samples of each)                                                      

  1. I Will Never Forget You (sample)
  2. My Head Spins (sample)
  3. Look At What I Found (sample)
  4. She Don't Come Around No More (sample)
  5. Bein' Alone (sample)
  6. Frank Was A Transvestite (sample)
  7. My Life's In Stereo (sample)
  8. Now That You're Gone (sample)
  9. Groovy Girls (sample)
  10. Here She Comes (sample)
  11. Do You Feel (sample)
  12. (Bonus Track) (sample)


"Hit Me With A Train" CD Info

Produced Recorded and Mixed by: Otto D'Agnolo Recorded at Chaton Studios  ;  Mastered at SAE, Phoenix, AZ by Roger Seibel  ;  Layout: Vic Masters  ;  Band Photos: John Ramos  ;   all songs written and performed by The Paper Airplanes  additional musician  John Richardson / drums & percussion on all tracks  ;  In memory of: Jon Norwood, Myron Barton, Celia Guaderrama and Rene' LeDesma  ;   1998 Doggybone Records  ;  Contact info:  http://www.iuma.com/IUMA/BANDS/The_Paper_Airplanes   ;  Shannon Quillen  ;  4955 N. Primrose  ;  FlagStaff, AZ 86001  ;  S_Quillen@hotmail.com

Hometown: FlagStaff, AZ

E-mail The Paper Airplanes: thepaperairplanes@hometownsounds.com


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