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The Living Waters

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Full Songs

Coma Crowd (5.28 meg) (lyrics)

The Belated (3.92 Meg) (lyrics)

Dimensions (3.61 Meg) (lyrics)


Songs: (30 sec samples of each)

  1. H Sequence (sample)
  2. Thorn of Creation  (sample)
  3. Coma Crowd    (sample)
  4. The Belated  (sample)
  5. The Living Waters  (sample)
  6. In the Wake of Delusion (sample)
  7. Dimensions  (sample)
  8. A Warning Never Heard  (sample)
  9. Things to Come  (sample)


"The Living Waters"  CD Info

1997 Brainticket Records  ;   P.O. Box 122048  ;  Arlington, TX 76012 USA www.brainticket.com

Hometown: Dallas, TX

E-mil Last Chapter: lastchapter@hometownsounds.com


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