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Self-titled Debut Album

Full Songs

Colorblind (5.23 meg)  (lyrics)

Crush (4.50 Meg) (lyrics)

Alone (4.63Meg) (lyrics)


Songs: (30 sec samples of each)

  1. My Creation (sample)
  2. Sick of You  (sample)
  3. Hate  (sample)
  4. Power Trip  (sample)
  5. The Closing  (sample)
  6. Fear  (sample)
  7. Colorblind  (sample)
  8. Yella  (sample)
  9. Difference Rules (sample)
  10. Crush (sample)
  11. Alone (sample)
  12. The End (sample)


"Headstrong"  CD Info

Recorded at Dallas Sound Lab  ;   Mixed at Nomad  ;  Engineered buy Sterling Winfield  ;   Produced by Headstrong and Sterling Winfield  ;  All songs written and arranged by Headstrong  ;  Illustration and Design By J. Sellers

Hometown: Arlington, TX

E-mail Headstrong: headstrong@hometownsounds.com


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