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Old Lions (in the world of snarling sheep)

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Full Songs

More Weight (4.15 meg)

Road To Damascus (3.92 meg)

Anubis Rising (3.71 meg)


Songs: (30 sec samples)

  1. So Be It (sample)
  2. It Has Been A Long Time, Hasn't It... (sample)
  3. Into The Four Winds (sample)
  4. Underneath The Roswell Sun (sample)
  5. More Weight (sample)
  6. Gone West (sample)
  7. Tansom(I'll Take My Chances) (sample)
  8. Eternal Resonance (Live Excerpt) (sample)
  9. Road To Damascus (sample)
  10. The Prisoner's Song (sample)
  11. Amida Rising (sample)
  12. May This Be Forever (sample)
  13. Anubis Rising (sample)
  14. Talisman Of The Dreamer (sample)
  15. Old Lions (In The World Of Snarling Sheep)(sample)



"Old Lions"   CD Info

Additional Musicians:  Background Vocals on "The Prisoners Song" and "Ransom" by S. Michelle Klemens   ;  Lead Vocals on "The Prisoner's Song" by Michael Leo Brothers   ;  Lead Vocals on "Roswell", "Talisman" and "Ransom"By Bill Mac Kechnie  ;  Gongs, Chimes, Indian and Arabian Percusson by Mick Loher  ;  Bagpipes on "Eternal Resonance" by Angus MacDrone

All Compositions by Bill MacKechnie 1997 and 1998  ;  Published by Random Bullet Publishing -BMI  ;   "IT Has Been...", "The Prisoner's Song" and "Ransom"   ;  Produced and Engineered by Michael Leo Brothers  ;  All Other Selections Produced by Takio Nakamura and Tim Costley  ;  Final Mix and Sequencing by Michael Leo Brothers and Bill MacKechnie  ;  Recorded and Random Bullet Studios  ;  Greene, NY  ;  Final CD Preparation and Mastering by Mark Pinske  ;  Pinske Engineering  ;  3416 NW 34th Terrace  ;   Gainesville, FL 32605  ;  Art and Design by Ian MacKechnie  ;   Photo by Dathi Oppito

Hometown: Greene, NY

E-mail Anubis Spire: anubisspire@hometownsounds.com



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