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The Journey

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Full Songs

The Journey (4.16 meg)

Gift Of God (3.89 meg)

Unconditional Love (4.05 meg)

Songs: (30 sec samples)
  1. The Journey (sample)
  2. Imagine (sample)
  3. Waiting For The Christ Child (sample)
  4. He Came To Us (sample)
  5. The Truth, The Light, And The Way (sample)
  6. Come To Me (sample)
  7. I Will Never Leave You (sample)
  8. The Tree (sample)
  9. Easter Morning (sample)
  10. Gift Of God (sample)
  11. Three In One (sample)
  12. Mother Mary (sample)
  13. Unconditional Love (sample)
  14. Feather On The Breath Of God (sample)


The Journey CD Info

Musicians: Nancy Krebs, vocals / acoustic guitar / synthesizer / violin / percussion:  Michael Salacuse, lead guitar / vocals:  Neil Krebs, piano:  B.J. "Pete" Baden, pedal steel

Engineers: Michael Salacuse, Tim Baden, Joe Jacobs     Recorded and mixed at: Metro Recording Studio, Ltd.     Mixed by: Michael Salacuse   Mastered by: Gene Ingham     Produced by: The Voiceworks Shop, Ltd.   Graphics and Design by: Ian Courtney, Severn Graphics, Inc.   Photography by: Joe Rubino     Religious Consultant: Fr. Simon Wood, C.P.     Manufactured by: Oasis Duplication, Inc.  All music ŠNancy Krebs.    For concert information and / or orders, write to:  Nancy Krebs     48 Gambrills Road    Severn, MD 21144    410-987-4861   fax 410-729-0408   NKrebsBJ@aol.com   www.arch-angel.net/artists/Nancy_Krebs

Hometown: Baltimore, MD



E-mail Nancy Krebs: nancykrebs@hometownsounds.com



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