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If You Could See Inside Me
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Full Songs

Sunny Day (5.32 meg)

Next To Ball (4.36 meg)

Songs: (30 sec samples)
  1. Next To Ball (sample)
  2. Major League
  3. JD Interlude (with Steve Wilcox)
  4. Presidential (featuring Frost and Jay Tee from NZDeep)
  5. Hardcore Spirits (featuring ALT)
  6. If You Could See Inside Me
  7. Gonna Give It To You
  8. Sunny Day (sample)
  9. Party Don't Start
  10. Paridise


If You Could See Inside Me CD Info

Musicians:  R. Gutierrez, B. Ramirez, Walk, A. Hamilton, A. Trupillo, A. Gorrie, Darryl Hall, A. Trivette, Fisnr Hotfon, D. Donley, E. Collins, D. Culler, D. Townsend, S. Wonder

Produced by R. (ODM) Gutierrez except #7 produced by Tony G., Julio G.
Co-Produced by Bobby (Lil Dank) Ramirez #4,8,9

Engineered by ODM except#7 engineered by Tony G.

Mixed by Mike Melinick

 İGreenside Records
İLighter Shade of Brown

Hometown:  Burbank, CA



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