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A Compilation Project

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Full Songs

Rock N Roll Epedemic (6.20 meg)

Money Makin Scheme (5.51 meg)

Riding Out (4.69 meg)

Songs: (30 sec samples)
  1. Full Fledge (sample)
  2. Rock N Roll Epedemic (sample)
  3. Kill a Instinct (sample)
  4. T-Town (sample)
  5. The Heights (sample)
  6. U-Mad (sample)
  7. Out Tha Game (sample)
  8.  Somebody Gotta Die (sample)
  9. Money Makin Scheme (sample)
  10. Southern Grind (sample)
  11. Milli (sample)
  12. Real Players (sample)
  13. Riding Out (sample)


A Compilation Project CD Info

Ground Zero featuring Platinum Touch, Relick, Quess, Polo, M 2 The A, Fry, MD, OMP, Sidekick, Ne'-Ne', Mistress, Black Fleet, Trilah-G

1,2,4,7,13-Produced by Platinum Touch for G-Level Productions  ;  9-Produced by M2 the A for M2tainment/G-Level Productions  :  5-Produced by Jerome Belle for G-Level Productions  :  2-Produced by K-Watt for G-Level Productions  :  3,10-Produced by Quess for Up2Somethin' Music  :  6,11-Produced by O.M.P. for O.M.P. GFX/G-Level Productions  :  3,8,12-Produced by MC Nas-D for Rollin Dice/G-Level Productions

All tracks recorded, mixed & mastered at G-Level production house, Atlanta GA.  For booking contact SNAKE EYES by email at shamark@maxxrep.com or call (770) 987-8086.  All graphics done by O.K.. Graphics & G-Level Artworks Lab, Atlanta GA    © 1999 Snake Eyes Records  ©Ground Zero

Hometown:  Atlanta, GA


E-mail Ground Zero: groundzero@hometownsounds.com





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