(Lyrics by Don Lake)

Letter received at the residence I reside
Official it said on the outside
I kinda got numb and I acted real dumb
From the IRS you know as number one
My hands were a tremble - my knees was a shambles
As I hesitantly opened the gamble,

"Dear Mr. Lake, you have made a mistake
And now that we know you are an unpatriotic ratsnake
We found in your form kind of a slight little err"

As I read on my mind did burst into thin air,

"Not just a one - several - not a few
And now we believe now you owe us a dollar or two"

Oh my God my mind screamed - Oh Lord please not me
I ain't no dirty bandit - why can't they see?

"By our calculations - and - eh, your misfigurations
We got you my friend in a fubar situation"

As I hung my head low and I lost all my go
It was clear to me now this must be the end of my show,

"We figured it out and hey baby without a doubt
There is no other way you can turn this one about
You owe us a small fine but please let us be so kind
You can pay us and be clear in ten years good time
And as zoon as you're free from your fine well facts is
You can pay us for ten years back taxes"

You can pay us for ten years back taxes