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Ridin In The Wind

Ridin' In The Wind Cover

Full Songs

Rambler (3.64 meg)

Never Had A Reason (2.83 meg)

Two Timin Woman (3.41 meg)



Songs: (30 sec samples of each)

  1. Rambler (sample)
  2. Caroline (sample)
  3. Ridin In The Wind  (sample)
  4. Whose Heart You Lyin To... (Yours Or Mine?) (sample)
  5. Lil Darlin (sample)
  6. Never Had A Reason (sample)
  7. Missin Mississippi Tonight (sample)
  8. Two Timin Woman (sample)
  9. C'est Bon (sample)
  10. No Stranger To Loneliness  (sample)
  11. Sweet Home Alabama (sample)


Ridin' In The Wind

CD Info

Musicians:  Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar:  E.E. "Spike" Loudermilk ; Bass, Background Vocals:  Brad "Buck" Nelson ; Drums, Cowbell:  Stephen Stevenson ; Pedal Steel, Dobro:  John Groover McDuffie ; Background vocals:  Eddie Cunningham, Miss Vicki Clark ; Accordion, Rub Board, Hammond Organ, Background:   Eddie Batos ; Vocals, Fiddle:  Mat Brislawn ; Electric Guitar:  James Michael Dean ; Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals:  Lindsey Dean ; Accordion, Background Vocals:  Crash Anderson ; Fiddle:  Jim Ecker

Produced by:  Spike Loudermilk ; Recorded and mixed by:  Josh Achziger ; Graphic Design by:  desiGn PoliCe ; Photos by:  Neil Natin ; ŠThe Ramblers ; ŠT.O.N. Records ; 6777 Hollywood Blvd., 3rd Floor ; Hollywood, CA, 90028 ; Phone: 213-467-6002 ; Fax: 213-467-7737 ; E-mail: tonrecords@tonrecords.com ; Web Site: www.tonrecords.com


Hometown: L.A., CA


E-mail The Ramblers: the ramblers@hometownsounds.com



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